Get a Clear Bra For Your Car

purchasing car braWhenever you’re looking for paint protection film (PPF) in a new town, you need to be sure people know what you’re talking about when you say “clear bra”. It’s a confusing term outside of vehicle treatment circles, and may get you some odd looks from people unaware of what you mean.

Briefly, PPFs or clear bras are thermoplastic urethane films used on new and used cars to protect them from bug splatters, stone chips, and minor abrasions. Recently, other industries started using clear bras to protect their products; the most notable of which include airplanes, cell phones, and other electronics. Trained professionals receive supplies from distributors and dealers, so not just anybody can install a clear bra film.

Getting Clear Bra

Very few local garages and dealers offer film installation as most new cars already have clear bra films, making installation redundant. The process requires training, and not many mechanics are willing to spend x amount of dollars to send one of their employees to learn a skill they may never use. This situation puts owners of second-hand vehicles in a bind if they want clear bra films installed on their vehicles. But, the story is drastically different in cities with a robust car culture. For example, Clear bras in Utah are easily available in professional tint shops dedicated to such orders.

Clear Compromise

Clear bras offer a compromise for people who want to protect the paint on their vehicles, and subsequently keep its re-sale value as high as possible, but don’t want to wrap their cars in vinyl. Vinyl is an opaque wrap similar to clear bra, but commonly display designs and slogans used for marketing. Vinyl is also easier to install as the design helps hide wrinkles in the wrap, unlike its clear counterpart.

Aesthetic Cover

The choice of installing clear bra on a vehicle is purely aesthetic; the film doesn’t affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and doesn’t cause any visual distortions for other cars. The film is also virtually weightless, making a hundredth of a grams difference in the vehicle’s overall weight.

Clear bra is the product that gives a new car the extra shine that make people stare in awe. Many people want to recreate that special look, making the clear bra an increasingly valuable commodity.