Dealing with Peer Pressure: Best Ways to Say “No” to Drugs

Say no to drugsOne of the worst things about drug addiction is it can easily spread through peer pressure. Your friends might try to convince you to do things that make you uncomfortable, such as drinking alcohol or taking prohibited drugs. It seems hard for adults to deal with peer pressure, but it’s actually harder for teens.

There are ways to keep yourself drug-free, even if your friends are not. Follow these tips so you can enjoy a normal and happy life as a teenager.

Don’t be afraid to say “No”

Peer pressure starts when someone from your group asks you to do something you think and believe is wrong. If a friend asks you to try taking drugs, don’t be afraid to say “No.” Say it firmly and repeatedly until the person gives up. Walk away and never look back. You can also pretend that you need to go home immediately because you feel sick or you just received an important phone call. Your future greatly depends on the decisions you make today, so make the right choice.

Introduce new and better activities.

Switching the subject is a good way to avoid peer pressure. You can always say no and walk away. You can also turn the conversation into a meaningful one. Suggest new and better activities, such as watching movies, playing video games or doing school projects together. These are pretty much worth your time and effort.

Think about your dreams.

Your dreams keep you striving and fighting. Don’t let drugs ruin your future and all the things you have worked for. Focus on chasing your dreams and doing what is right.

Meet new people.

It’s time to change your peer if your group is pressuring you to take drugs. There are many ways to meet new friends. Get involved in meaningful activities in your community and hang out with people you can trust – those who don’t take drugs.

You’re free to choose your friends, so choose carefully. Remember these tips to avoid peer pressure and possible drug addiction.

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