Healthy Sibling Relationships Linked To Children’s Development

A new study shows that in large families, young kids who interact with their older siblings might help compensate for the attention that cannot be entirely given by parents.

Interaction with older siblings

Healthy SiblingCanadian researchers found that healthy interactions with siblings is linked to the younger kid’s development.

“The idea is that here is this effect of being in a large family where you don’t get that many resources, but if you get an older sibling that’s really attuned to your needs that would be a modifying effect,” lead researcher Jennifer Jenkins said in a statement.

Impact of a big family

Past research had discovered that kids from big families tend to score lower on vocabulary, IQ, and other academic exams, compared to those with smaller families.

For instance, if a couple has a second child, the attention they spent on their first kid will then be divided among both kids.

While the link may be small, Jenkins explained that many traits that are connected with similar cognitive delays are of a similar size.