Shared Space: How to Get Along with Your Roommate

women talkingMany things can happen when you share an apartment with someone. As you have to deal with another person who may have different preferences and pet peeves, you must set things clearly at the onset. It is especially an unnerving experience if it is your first time to do so. Good thing there are ways to make the situation better, just like the following:

Have an Open Conversation

Have an open conversation with your roommate and discuss your expectations. Point out the things you like to do and those that are unpleasant to you. It helps if you list them down so you can go back to them when you have to. What is important is that you respect each other’s personal space and give considerations whenever possible.

Know Your Responsibilities

Sharing an apartment for rent in PA also means sharing the housekeeping chores. Try to have an equal share of work and schedule tasks on specific times. For example, you can do the dishes every morning then change shifts the next week .If you will be gone for a long time, inform your roommate so that they can adjust and plan things ahead.

Keep to Your Schedule

Be sure to know when to pay your bills. If possible, keep important dates posted on areas where you can easily see them .Break them down into several categories so you’ll be informed just how much energy you’re consuming. Arrange with your roommate how you’ll pay the bills and keep to your schedule.

Be Accountable to Each Other

Lastly, be accountable to each other. Living in an apartment for rent in PA with someone can be challenging, but the experience is all worth it. Settle your disputes in a civilized manner and don’t let issues go unsolved. Always try to talk things out and find an amiable resolution for every problem you may encounter. Also, be informed of each other’s plan and notify the other party if you’re going to make a decision that might affect the current setup.

Sharing an apartment can go both ways.  It can either go wrong right from the start or be an extraordinary experience you will remember for years .You have the choice.