Bolder and Louder Interior Design Trends this 2014

There are no walls when it comes to interior design – only blank canvasses waiting for you to put together your masterpiece. This year’s interior design trends allow you to do just that. Bolder and edgier, these modern house styles are all about making an impact and breathing new life into simple details. Transform your home into a piece of artwork with these future classic home designs.

living room interior designBeyond the Spectrum

If there should be only one thing that homeowners can pick up from past trends, it is that colours do not have to match. Many are understandably anxious about picking the “best” colour combination or scheme for their interiors, which is why they resort to same old patterns that give the same old results. Sometimes, though, harmonious is not enough.

Break the mould and let your imagination run free. If you truly want to have a striking home design, do not be afraid to use diverse colours and textures. You can do many things with your options. Ask reliable service providers of home painting in Perth for better finishes.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Floral patterns are making a strong comeback this year, and they come in various forms. Upholstered furniture pieces, for example, take on a new life when covered with floral-themed fabrics. Use pillows or cushion with floral prints if you’re likely to change your mind now and then. Artwork paintings with floral or rustic themes are a big hit too. Put them on your walls to impress guests.


Colours like beige and grey are a thing of the past. This time, saturated hues like navy blue as well as vibrant ones like peacock blue are going to top design choices. These colours complement almost any other kind of hue. Especially if you are experimenting with different colour schemes, use these palettes as the focal point of your interiors. Start with a piece of furniture and work your way from there.

Rainbow Ends

Accents with huge design impacts on hues give a dynamic look to your interiors. If you do not have time to renovate completely, choose interchangeable decors instead. They can redefine the overall concept; plus, you can have as many combinations as you want.

Bold is the new gold. This year, let your house stand out with sharp designs and smart decor combinations. Ask your painters in Melville to ensure a complete home design.