Kickstarter Pledges Surpass $1B Mark

Popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter has crossed the $1 billion mark in pledges, nearly five years after its genesis.

US has most pledges


Image by Andrew Mager

The site reported that over half a billion were donated in the past 12 months alone.

It also noted that majority of the donors came from the US, with over $663 million in total contributions, followed by the UK which amassed $54 million.

Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular lately. It is a method in which people raise money through donors – or backers, in Kickstarter – to fund certain projects.

One  of the most funded projects is the Pebble smartwatch, which collected $10 million and nearly 70,000 backers in just 38 days, a far cry from its initial target of $100,000.

Mid-week, mid-month factors

Kickstarter has also observed some trends in pledges with the data they gathered.

Wednesday is the most charitable day of the week, as it recorded the most pledged cash every week. The middle of the month is also the most productive part of the month.

In March 13, 2013 the site recorded the most pledges which amounted to over $4 million coming from 54,187 backers.