Kim Jong Un Wins 100% Of The Votes

Kim Jong Un

Image by Abayomi Azikiwe

North Koreans went to the polls to “elect” a new roster of deputies that would make up the country’s legislative body, and with no else on the ballot, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un won 100% of the vote in his district.

North Korean Election

The “election,” considered more of a political ritual by Western standards, is held every five years, and this is the first one held since Jong Un succeeded his father in 2011. Voters don’t typically have a choice on whom to vote for, because only one name is on the ballot for each district. Citizens only have a choice of yes or no and state media reports a typical voter turnout of 99% every time.

One Hundred Percent

State media were quick to announce that Kim Jong Un won the seat for the Mount Paekdu district without a single dissenting vote. The names for the other victorious deputies, however, have yet to be announced.