Making Your Bedroom Extra Funky

fabric piecesDecorating your own bedroom is like an art project. You’d want to incorporate your unique personality to every design details. As a place for comfort, bedrooms should reflect the owner’s tastes and ideas. For people with an outgoing character, funky colours and decorations are the usual scenes inside their rooms. They create the mood inside their space through décor items.

Turning your room into a funky space can be really easy through simple tricks of showing some old décor into a different way. Here are some ideas to help you with the transformation:

Use your walls to experiment

Consider your walls as a canvas waiting for some art magic to happen. Express your creativity by using this blank slate and turning the space into something cool. Try using funky fabric pieces and hang them on your walls as décor. Cut some interesting pieces to create a mosaic. You could plaster the entire walls with posters of your favourite musicians. If you can paint, create unusual patterns or stick to a more subtle ones, such as polka dots or animal prints. Also, try to stencil your personal artwork, and then paint it in.

Surround your room with interesting furniture pieces

Another way to funky up your space and make it look more creative is by experimenting on furniture and accessories. Think of a theme for your room. Then search for items, such as chairs, desks or lamps that fit your vision. You can visit designer and thrift stores or look for a nearby yard sale. You can also buy uniquely designed fabrics online. Go for second-hand items if you’re low on budget. Besides, used goods are perfect for self-design. You can paint, stencil, and airbrush them to create an entirely new look. Finally, add a personal touch to the overall decor by choosing unique art frames, mirrors, and tiny desk displays.

Choose beddings with unique and fun designs

Turn your room into a funky hangout by focusing on your bedding. Add splashes of cool patterns and vibrant colours on your sheets, pillows, and comforters. There are whole bedding sets on the market complete with accessories in matching patterns so you won’t have to look for separate pieces.