Top 4 Features to Check When Buying a Used Car

old subaruFor seasoned car buyers, there are many reasons a used vehicle is a better purchase. Most of these cars come in mint, working condition – it is as if they came straight from the manufacturing plant. In terms of value and overall performance, they are a great alternative choice.

With a good strategy, you can drive home a pre-owned car from a reputable Subaru dealer in NYC. You just have to know which features to look for and which to avoid. So, if you are going to visit used car dealerships soon, make sure to take some of these features into careful account.

Paint Finish

A car’s exterior speaks volumes about how well the previous owner took care of it. As soon as you see a vehicle that catches your interest, check out its paint finish. It should be consistent, without any random blotches, or any uneven shades. If you see anything wrong with the finish, it has probably been damaged. A sloppy paint job over a scratch or repair is never a good sign.


Tires also say something about the vehicle’s handling. For instance, if the amount of wear is not uniform on all tires, the car may have suspension issues or tracking misalignment. It could also mean that that particular side has received extensive damage, probably a result of a crash. So, always make a visual inspection, check if the tires have the right air pressure, and ensure the tread depth gauge is within legal limits.

Car Engine

Checking the engine is, of course, a must. Melted wires or a blackened firewall are strong indicators of a previous engine fire, while wet spots suggest leakage. Fluids may help you know if the internal parts still need extensive repairs. Avoid a car that has oil that is too frothy, viscous, or have bits of metallic particles.


Seatbelts are proven lifesavers. If the used car you are eyeing does not have decent seatbelts, look for another one. Make sure the locks are working and you feel safe when you take the car for a test drive. It is best to ask about the car’s other safety features too, like the airbags.

Buying pre-owned cars has loads of benefits. Plus, when you buy from reliable dealers of Subaru, you can be sure of their great qualities. Watch out for these features and you are all set for a good drive home.