Work Accident Claims: In Light of the Evidence

accident in workAnyone can file an accident at work compensation claim. Receiving compensation depends on many factors, however, whether or not your claim is valid.

First, your claim needs to be provable. With that said, make sure that there is proof that your employer failed in their duty or care or that your accident was not the result of your actions. For instance, your accident should not be the result of your alcohol or drug consumption during work hours.

If your accident was the result of hazardous or negligent actions on your part, you will be at fault for the accident, along with the corresponding injury.

Gathering Evidence

Not all workplace accidents provide clear indications on who is at fault, however. Accidents at work can happen sporadically or build and then occur, but in either case, you will need to gather the evidence.

For instance, an employee noticed the sink in the bathroom was leaking and reported the incident to the proper person on Wednesday. Come Monday, however, the leak grew and now a larger puddle is on the floor, which another employee filed another report against. When next Wednesday came around, you slipped, fell and fractured your wrist due to the water still on the floor.

In this case, the evidence is the documentation concerning the leak. The documentation will show that an employee reported the leak, but the employer did not fix it, resulting in their failure in duty and care to protect their employees from harm.

If you find it difficult to understand the evidence, consult a legal representative to explain what they say and do not say. They can help you preserve the evidence and document them as well, rather than depending on hearsay and innuendo. This course of action will help you increase your chances of winning the case.