Study Shows E-Cigarettes Can’t Help Smokers Kick The Habit

Image by Michael Dorausch | Wikimedia

Image by Michael Dorausch | Wikimedia

E-cigarettes might be growing in popularity, but a small study shows that they may not be very effective in helping smokers quit.

Kicking the habit and using the device

The study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco was a small one. They analyzed the data of 949 smokers, including 88 who had used e-cigarettes.

Most smokers said they wanted to quit one day. But when researchers asked the participants one year later whether they had successfully kicked the habit, the quit rates between the smokers and the e-cigarette users were not that different.

Cigarette consumption

Researchers found that those using e-cigarettes didn’t appear to change how many traditional cigarettes people smoked each day.

“These factors may also reflect motivations to use e-cigarettes, as e-cigarettes are frequently marketed and perceived as cessation aids,” said lead researcher Rachel Grana and colleagues in a statement. “While these factors predicted quitting as expected, we found that e-cigarette use did not predict quitting.