Behold, the Future: Possible Developments in the Auto Industry in the Coming Years

reliable audi dealerToday’s cars are cool, there’s no question about that. Sleek designs, powerful performance, and quality workmanship are just some of the things people want when they look for Audi A3s in New York and many other models from leading brands. Recent releases, however, are bound to be even more awesome. The pace of modern technology is speeding up, and this is the main reason you should expect better features from your vehicle in the next few years.

Smarter Cars

Just like the fad with smartphones, it won’t be long before smart cars dominate the market. With the developments in computing, it’s likely that future cars would be able to communicate with each other, have a complete understanding of the driver’s preferences, and maybe even use augmented reality to make the roads safer.

Recently, some manufacturers have unveiled their experiments on self-driving cars. Who knows, perhaps in the next decade, it would no longer be shocking to see a car that parks itself and speeds down an expressway a la Transformers.

Greener Autos

Environmentalism would also play a key role in shaping the auto industry. Many builders are abuzz with green architecture, and they will most likely influence carmakers to join the trend too. Manufacturers like Audi have already tried their own versions of electric cars. If one day, car shows feature vehicles that have built-in solar panels to generate their own energy enough to propel a powerful engine, it wouldn’t come as a total surprise for many.

Safer Vehicles

Despite the many technological progresses in the field, safety remains an important concern on the road. There’s no way manufacturers would neglect this. One of the aims of self-driving cars is to lessen vehicular accidents on interstates and freeways, apart from providing an auto for non-drivers. Research activities on external airbags are also underway.

The new releases of automakers may have swell features, but there’s definitely more to come. In the future, cars would be greener, safer, and smarter.