Is Your Project Doomed to Failure? Here’s Your Answer

In an ideal world, every project would be delivered on time and within the set budget. But the reality often gives a different outcome. It is common for projects to fail due to poor up-front planning, and there are many reasons for this.

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Weak Project Control

Despite thorough planning, projects still fail because of ineffective management. Poor work planning, lack of change control, and poor communication are the common reasons.

It is best to review and update the project plan regularly and make sure that each team member is aware of the changes. Your organisation should also practice exception reporting to monitor your operations and focus on risks as they occur.

Lack of Skilled Team Members

Your project will likely fail if its lacks the right number of qualified and skilled people. Recruit people internally or hire contract employees. Ask management to provide the right number of staff required for the project. Don’t stress out your people by forcing them to work long hours or take on tasks they are not familiar with.

Inadequate or Mismanaged Resources

Inadequate resources lead to major project failure, as it can interrupt operations and work processes. Estimate the work correctly and allocate the proper level of staffing. Identify the need of your teams to help them execute the project. Industry experts, Mainpac and recommend using appropriate management software to allocate the right resources across all projects.

Too Much Time Spent on Meetings

Project team members complain about spending too much time on status meetings. While communication and meetings are important, wasting too much time can interrupt work. Using web-based project software solution is a much better way to get project updates. This empowers your team members and saves precious time.

Successful project management is not just about managing the project competently. To overcome challenges and avoid failure, you need to demonstrate strong leadership, hire the right staff, and manage your resources well.