Moving Up: Superb Ideas for Second Storey Additions

When you want to increase your property value, you have different options to choose from. There’s the simple idea of cleaning the home and repainting the walls. Some suggest updating the appliances in the kitchen, while others recommend bathroom renovations.

modern houseThese, however, are minor additions. You can take things up a notch and go as far as adding a full floor in your home. It’s not so difficult to pull off, as says experienced double-storey home builders can assist you with the planning and construction. Apart from increasing property value, another floor also opens up different design opportunities, such as these:

Master suite

A second floor is the perfect opportunity to move up your master suite a few more feet off the ground for better privacy. It’s a great way to clear up the area on the first floor for a more spacious home. Plus, it’s also the chance to create the dream bedroom you want.

Entertainment room

Watching the TV on the first floor can be fun, sure, but it would be more thrilling to have an entire room dedicated to your entertainment. This means you no longer have to control yourself from adding a massive home theatre system just because the living room doesn’t have enough space for it. With a separate room for all your media and entertainment, it’s very easy to find a place for all those movie nights and video game marathons.

Home office

For the workaholic, a home office is a necessity. But when you find your home to be lacking in space, this is one of the first ideas to be abandoned. Of course, when you have a second storey, you get another chance at building your own home office – complete with all the features you want to have.

A second storey doubles the space you have at home. This allows you to have better flexibility with the floor plan you have in mind. At the same time, the addition greatly boosts your property value. Indeed, a second storey addition is a win-win situation.