Five Qualities You Should Look for in a Tutor

qualities tutorSome students excel in school somewhat unexpectedly. There are others, however, who need to take time to absorb the lessons. These students need help and extra attention to be able to catch up with their peers.

If your child is in need of home tutoring to catch up with their lessons, remember the following qualities you should look for in a tutor:

1. Professional

A tutor should maintain a professional relationship with the student, while still being friendly and accommodating. For example, inappropriate words or gestures shouldn’t be part of the interaction. They should also keep track of the schedule and should never be late.

2. Patient

Students ask for help in their academics because they have trouble keeping up with the curriculum’s pace. A tutor should be patient enough to explain lessons over and over until the student gets it. They must be willing to cover the basics to make the student understand advanced lessons better.

3. Knowledgeable in the Subject

A tutor should be, first and foremost, knowledgeable in the area they are teaching. They should know the subject and concepts by heart. They should also be confident that they are not missing any valuable information.

4. Knows how to Teach Effectively

It’s not enough that you know everything in your subject area. A tutor must know how to teach what they know to the student in a way that the student will grasp the concept and understand it. Teaching is a skill not everyone possesses, so you should be on the lookout for tutors with this exceptional ability.

5. Willing to Travel

If you need home tutoring in Perth, find someone who doesn’t mind the commute to your house. There are tutors who are not willing to travel far so you should be upfront with your expectations. You may want to make arrangements so that the schedule and travel will be convenient.

Tutors are people who have talent in imparting knowledge in a way school teachers can’t. Finding one that suits your child’s personality and learning pace is crucial in helping your child achieve better school performance and confidence.