3 Big Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch Out For in 2015

Social mediaSocial media is not a stranger to change. It is constantly evolving, with all the new platforms, technologies, and trends affecting it every single day.

The year 2014 is another amazing year of technology and growth of social media. It is the year that brought the iPhone 6, but more importantly, it is the year that brought new developments in brain mapping, robots, and mobile collaboration.

As the end of 2014 is fast approaching, here is a look at social media marketing trends in the coming year:

Go Mobile or Go Out

It is about time Apple created a bigger screen for their products. It is the age of “phablets” and bigger smart phones; it is also the age when people are simply spending more time on mobile. As the mobile devices become more powerful, the social sphere is becoming more powerful, too.

Social media will naturally transform itself into a mobile-based platform. If you do not go mobile, there is a slim chance that your brand will ever get to the other, more successful side.

Pictures Worth a Million Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million more. Your posts should always include a visually stunning picture or an attention-grabbing video. Data from Digital Cherry says social media traffic is becoming heavier; it seems like rush hour all the time, so get your reader to stop by your post by giving them something appealing to look at.

A Pay-to-Play Social World

More people are leaving Facebook and turning to other platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Despite this phenomenon, more brands are still investing in Facebook advertising, and even increasing their budgets for it.

Take the time to dig deep and target on advertising in social media platforms that are right for your brand. Explore other opportunities. Pinterest, for example, may just be right for you. If Instagram is the right platform for your products and your audience, take advantage of it right now while organic reach and engagement is high.

Social media is always evolving—what was hot yesterday might be ice cold tomorrow. You need to be versatile enough to adapt to these new trends quickly. With so much going on in the world of social media, it is just the right time to plan for you social media marketing strategies in 2015.