Develop Your Child’s Personality with the Help of These Simple Ideas

physical activitiesWith the popularity of video games, 24/7 cartoons, and social media, children spend their time mostly inside the house. While there is nothing wrong with staying inside the home with parents and siblings, having little to no physical activity can be detrimental to their health and social skills. Here are activities that will get your child to go out and play:

Outdoor Playground

Old-fashioned slides, swings, and monkey bars are still the best way to expose your child to physical activities as well as to other children. Playing on an outdoor playground enables them to get down and dirty while learning how to deal with others.


Push them to join sports such as football, volleyball, and swimming. It improves mind and body coordination as well as practicing teamwork.

Household chores

Most children will say no to doing chores. Train them to help you with basic house and backyard cleaning. From wiping windows to raking dried leaves, kids will surely learn the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and green.


Little boys and girls will be delighted as they tinker with gardening tools to plant their favourite flower or vegetable. Supervise them while they dig holes and water the plants to make sure that their efforts are not wasted in developing a green thumb.

Walking the Dog

Walking a dog is not only a good exercise for children, but also for the pet. Let your child bond with a furry friend and develop compassion and care for animals. It develops character and teaches them to be responsible for others.

While there is definitely nothing wrong in exposing kids to advanced technology, such as video games and the Internet, parents should still teach children to see the world outside. Playing with other kids, helping with household chores, and appreciating nature should be part of their experience growing up.