Get Birds of Every Feather to Use Your New Feeder

hummingbird drop bird feederNo bird aficionado’s backyard would be complete without a feeder or two. They make great garden additions and liven up the home when birds come chirping in.

Often, though, the bird feeder you end up choosing might not be the most attractive one to the birds you want to fly into your yard. suggests buying attractive bird feeders to help draw birds of any feather into your yard. While some new bird feeders may take only a few minutes for birds to use them, some designs simply take much longer and can take up to a few weeks before birds start to peck at them.

Below are some helpful hints you need to remember to help you get birds to use a new bird feeder:


Birds will not eat feeds that they cannot see. Place feeders in highly visible areas to ensure your efforts do not go to waste. When you fill the feeders with the most popular types of seeds available in the market, you can be sure that birds will quickly swoop down and make a home in your yard.


Place feeders in the quiet places that are easy to refill. Often, where you place the bird feeder is the biggest factor why birds do not come to it. To have them flying in flocks, make certain to place feeders at a relatively safe height, far from the paws of cats and other predators.

Additional Feeders

Avid bird lovers know that a single bird feeder is hardly adequate once you start to get your feathered friends’ attention. For additional feeders, it is always a good idea to place them in the general area as old ones. This way, they can easily spot new feeders and they will be comfortable enough.

Additional Treats

On top of the feeders, you can make your garden more attractive to birds by placing more attractions for them such as bird baths.

Getting birds to flock to your yard is easy when you give them a reason to do so. Keep these tips in mind and your garden will be filled with the constant flutter of wings and the sweet music of chirping.