How Often Should You Go for Regular Dental Checkup?

Dental CheckupCleaning the teeth and keeping it in good condition is not a one-time procedure. You have to go through a series of maintenance treatment sessions to ensure your teeth are strong and cavity-free.

The dentists from Mill Street City Dental Centre exlained that “periodic examination and scale or polish of your teeth and gums to be undertaken every 6 months in the majority of patients or a more frequent scale and polish procedures and more intensive cleaning of the teeth and gums in some instances.”

Visiting a dentist at least twice a year helps prevent dental problems from arising and developing. It’s important to keep your teeth healthy because infections can lead to other problems in the body. More than brushing your teeth at least three times a day, coming in for regular cleaning and check-up is ideal.

Dentists say that even if you’re not feeling or seeing anything wrong with your teeth and gums, you should still visit them. Some hidden problems only show up when they’re already developed.

The Solution is Prevention

Moreover, dentists always look early signs of impending oral problems such as gum disease and oral cancer. Regular checkups allow you to manage these issues while they are still controllable. For some people, depending on the case, twice a year visits are enough; for others, it may take more follow up sessions to ensure every problem will be treated.

Signs to Go More than Twice a Year

If you have a low risk of cavity infection, one checkup a year may be fine. If you more prone, however, you may need to go every three to four months. Count yourself above the line if you’re a smoker, diabetic, with current gum disease, weak bacteria immunity, and tend to have plaque build-up.

You can determine the intervals between your visits; asking your dentist for their suggestion is practically more ideal due to their knowledge. Don’t let cavities ruin your health. Visit your dentist more often, especially during stressful times, and take care of your teeth always.