Is Skipping College the Better Option?

CollegeWhen you were young, you probably had this dream about becoming a doctor, a pilot or perhaps a successful lawyer. Or maybe you’re like the other kids ̶ those who are fascinated about buildings and structural designs, so they look up to engineers and architects. And when you tell your parents or teachers about these aspirations in life, they tell you the same thing — study hard and go to college.

The Ugly Truth About College

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to go to college and earn a degree. Some kids lose their passion for learning as they get older and don’t do well in school. Some lack proper guidance as to what courses to take or what school to choose when they pursue higher education; they end up losing interest and start looking for jobs after high school. And while students have personal reasons for not attending college, it is the financial aspect of earning a college degree that stops most people from even considering it.

Is College Still Worth It?

With money as the number one hindrance to getting that college diploma, the most important question is: Is it worth it?

Some may argue that there are a number of successful people who happen to be college dropouts. If they became billionaires without finishing college, maybe you can also be successful in your own ways. But, are you willing to leave that up to fate? What if the odds of that happening is closer to your chances of winning a lottery?

There are various analyses available online that tell you about how expensive college is and why fewer people are going to college, but still convince you that it is “still a winning choice.” And there are those that tell you that skipping college may be a viable alternative. The decision is really up to you and what you can handle. But, if you decide to pursue higher education, you may want to look at various financial aid options that can help you pay for college. If you are determined to be successful by pursuing college education, know what you really want to pursue. If you want to enrol in business management courses, for example, make sure that you are really interested.

You don’t want to end up changing majors or taking up classes that you don’t need or not fit for your desired career path. This will cost you time and money and may even delay your graduation.