5 Things to Do When You Are In Your Thirties

check pulse rateSome of us spent our twenties having so much fun that the moment we hit the big 3-0 we start wondering what on earth did we spent our time on. Granted, you are one of those twenty-something that just enjoyed life to the fullest, here are five things you definitely should be serious about in your 30s.

A healthy lifestyle. Admit it or not, your twenties were probably spent accumulating a few bad habits, from smoking to eating fast food day in and day out. But in your thirties, metabolism slows down and too much sugar and fatty foods will definitely contribute to that growing gut. But it’s not just about being fit and looking good; it is also in our thirties when various diseases and health disorders start to seize the body, from high blood to thyroid problems. So if you are hitting your 30th year, better live healthier and start hitting the gym regularly.

Get serious with money. This does not mean simply having money in the bank although having or building up your savings at this age is very important. Some financial experts suggest that you start preparing for your retirement this early in the game. Other than your savings, UAE Medical Insurance shares that it is also time to get serious with health care insurance plans. As mentioned above, this is the decade when various medical conditions start showing, so getting a health care plan is a must.

Cultivate a sophisticated mind. Now is also the time when you should be able to travel and learn new things. In your twenties travelling probably meant hanging out at the beach and getting drunk at night. Now, you should start cultivating a more sophisticated mind and diverse interests in life. Becoming cultured is very important as you do not want to grow old knowing only a few simple things.

Get on with your life goals. Many of us were not even sure what we want in our twenties. However, once you hit thirty you should have at least a better understanding of what you want to achieve in life. And once you figure it all out, you definitely should start working on it. Life is short after all.

Lastly, you should start being honest with yourself. It’s hard to actually figure out who you are when you are younger. So many things happen at the same time and sometimes we do not even know how or why we get into certain things. In your thirties, it’s time to be mature and really know yourself — what are your bad habits and weaknesses? By now you should know how to learn from your mistakes and from there start building a better, stronger you.