Overcoming the Great Math Stumbling Block: The Road to Math Confidence

Math ConfidenceIt is every student’s nightmare: staring for what seems like forever at a mathematical equation on the board, with no clue whatsoever how to solve it.

Experiencing a math block can be paralysing and sometimes even degrading. Your child may think they are not academically competent because of a single, bad math class experience. Parents have an important role in helping children gain ‘math confidence’. Help your struggling child with these tips:

Have the Right ‘Math Self-Image’

“What you think, you become.” If a child thinks that they are not good at math, their thoughts translate to their behaviour. Insecurities and negative perception are the primary culprits for math blocks. Empower your child and give them the right math self-image. Tell your child that their bad math experience does not define them—and they must not let that single experience stop them from trying. Tell your child that competence in math starts in the mind. Their mantra should be: “I can do math. I will overcome math.”

Be a Master of Basics

Math blocks often come from thinking that the subject is more complicated than it actually is. The truth, however is that math is really just a complex body of basics. Multiplication is just repeated addition. Algebra is basically numbers with letters. Invest in resources that tackle strategies on mental maths. A solid foundation in general math will help them grasp difficult concepts later on more easily.

Teach Math According to their Learning Style

Kids often experience math blocks because they cannot keep up with a teacher’s pace. Each child has a unique learning style. It is important to determine the style your child is comfortable with so you can introduce and reinforce math concepts appropriately. For instance, auditory learners learn best when they listen. To make math more understandable and fun, you may want to make a song that will tackle, say fractions or multiplication tables. By understanding your child’s learning style, you will be able to plan study methods that will use hone their strengths and confidence.

Overcoming math blocks will take a lot of patience, but it will pay off. Use these tips to help your child build confidence in math.