How to Know if Your TV Ad is Reaching Your Audience

television advertisingAdvertising has been around for quite some time, ever since people invented the printing press. No longer are we on that age, however, where people paid to shout out advertising—the advent of the flyer and poster changed everything.

Today, television advertising has even presented an option and a whole new playing field to the way that people sold their product. While some TV ads can be annoying—especially if you’re watching your long-awaited show on TV—they are also important tools of communication.

How Do You Know It Works?

Historically, Marlboro changed TV advertising forever. From a brand targeting women, Marlboro managed to turn their fortunes around by aiming the product at men—thereby creating the whole cowboy thing.

According to, that’s the sign of a successful ad campaign, or at least, a TV ad that’s working. You change the perception of a group of people or a demographic about your product.

How to Sell Your Ad to the Right People

Usually, selling a product to the people you want to sell it to boils down to connecting to that certain demographic. A lollipop brand would use young people to sell their product. At the same time, insurance companies would play and tug at the heartstrings of parents who want to secure the safety of their loved ones from accidents and sudden acts of God. Targeting a certain weakness—so to speak—makes for a very effective ad campaign.

Today’s television advertising might be the face of the future, but it’s not going to hold for far too long. Before, television was one of the most effective tools of an intensive ad campaign. Right now, however, computers and smartphones have entered the picture. It might not be long before we begin to see TV ads giving way for other effective ways to communicate to your target market.