Singapore is a Dream Destination for Kids, Too!

Dream Destination for KidsMajority of the tourists that troop to Singapore each year consists of young adults, newlyweds, and middle-aged adults who visit mostly for leisure and sometimes for business. The occasional times the entire family comes, the kids mostly tail the adults and do not have much of a say when it comes to activities.

There are many other things a family can do in Singapore the kids will enjoy better than Orchard Road and temple visits. Let the children have fun. Not all kids will get the chance to experience the delights of travel at an early age.

Take Them Zoo-hopping

Children adore animals. Take them on a zoo-hopping trip that will make their heads spin. Start with staple zoos and botanic gardens. Introduce them to the wild and let them appreciate the beauty of the wilderness. Visit bird parks and go on live animal shows.

Night safaris and cloud forests are also popular kiddie destinations, as they offer experiences unlike any other. Travel through rainforest, savannah and jungle. Meet nocturnal animals and experience a mysterious world of woods under a mist and above ground.

Go On Walking Tours

Singapore is the melting pot of many cultures. Let the children experience what this means and go on a walking tour. They are sure to have lots of fun in the colourful streets of Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam. Sample the cuisine found in these areas to get a taste of the beautiful mix of cultures.

These streets are also filled with jewel coloured saris, reds and golds of spices laid out in sacks the kids will love to smell. Find the tucked shops selling a range of curiosities, including wind-up toys and old telephones that are fun to play with.

Explore Science Museums

Kids like going on experiences that let them tinker, interact and move around. Science museums are perfect for the active kids who are eager to learn and discover more. Bring them to Singapore’s many science-centred museums packed with interactive exhibits so that they can really get hands-on.

Travelling with the entire family can be more fun if everybody can share the experience and the joy. Do not just let the kids follow you around or pose for pictures in famed attractions. Let them have their fun, too.