Nothing to do in Fall? Inspect Your Heating System!

Heating SystemTo ensure the healthy quality of your air at home and maintain the efficiency of your heating system, proper maintenance not only of the unit, but of the ventilation is crucial. It will not only save you money in the long run, but also extend the service life of your heating system.

Heating System Inspection

Expert technicians in air conditioning repair in Fauquier recommend that you conduct these simple checks during the fall to ensure that you won’t be left out in the cold come winter.

  • Check to see if your furnace and/or boiler can switch on and off through the thermostat by putting the temperature higher than your home’s current temperature and activating the heating mode.
  • To make sure your thermostat—most importantly in older models with liquid mercury—is working properly, check if it is clean and leveled out.
  • Inspect your radiant system or air grates’ temperature if it blows off heat.
  • Look for damage indications on all visible electrical wirings such as burns, and loose wires and nuts.
  • If your furnace is operated with oil or gas, ensure that it is equipped with a proper sized and clean filter.
  • Since components of your ventilation system is susceptible to general wear and tear, check if there are spaces or rust in your chimney and ventilation connection pipes.
  • It is also recommended that you thoroughly inspect burners, ventilation, appearance of flames, and combustion areas.

Additional inspection of winterization and intake of air for gas furnaces must also be performed.

Proper Maintenance for Combustion Systems

All heating systems that use gas and oil for combustion will require combustion air. This combustion air is delivered via air ducts that connect outside your home or through unintended air leaks inside the home. However, the process of combustion generates some byproducts that may be potentially harmful to your health and accelerate your home’s deterioration.

Your indoor air quality is critical so proper maintenance of combustion systems should ideally be conducted by specialists of air conditioning repair in Fauquier.