Northern Lights and Other Amazing Sights in Utah

Bryce Canyon National ParkAlthough a more common sight in Alaska and Norway, Utah is sometimes also graced with the beauty of aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. It is a rare sight that occurs when highly charged protons from a solar storm bombard our upper atmosphere, making the sky glow in different colors.

A Rare Sight

The northern latitudes are used to the glowing of the sky, but sometimes the phenomena drifts south in latitude, gracing the skies of Salt Lake City. It occurred the previous year, and locals and tourists trooped to the city, waiting to see the sky glow red and green.

It is best to witness the changing colors of the sky in the mountains or out in the wilderness where the solar protons get the most excited. Hotels such as and other rentals regard this event with reverence. Not only does it pull in sales, it also markets Utah as a desirable destination.

Beauty All Year Round

Apart from the wild glowing of the sky, Utah also boasts other similarly amazing sights, minus the immense rarity. Bask in the astounding desert landscapes of Southwestern Utah all year round and allow yourself to feel small and overwhelmed at the beauty that surrounds you.

Utah has five national parks, six national forests and seven national monuments anyone can visit all year round. Head on a road trip and wonder at the immensity of Bryce Canyon National Park. If you prefer cool weather to the blaze of the sun, drive to Park City, a popular ski destination.

While the northern lights is a rare beauty to witness, Utah has many more beauties to offer. Salt Lake City is becoming more recognized as a great city for young creatives and professionals because of its low cost of living, relaxed vibe and amazing sceneries.