The High Standards for Elevating Work Platforms

Elevating PlatformsGetting to high places in doing your daily work tasks is thanks to the availability of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP). These machines are a reliable way to give you that huge lift in the quality performance of your towering workload.

Boom lift, scissor lift and cherry picker hire companies in Perth such as follow the regular and periodic inspection schedules for MEWPs. This is to ensure that their equipment for hire is safe and will perform well for their clients’ demands.

It’s time for a major check-up if…

The MEWPs are due for a major inspection and significant maintenance if they are for recommissioning or are for sale, but there are no available documents or files about their maintenance. This is in line with the AS2550 series of the Australian Standards.

The MEWPs also need an inspection once they have been in service for 10 years, or have seen heavy use for five consecutive years. Being in a job that requires use of MEWPs is classified as high risk work, so inspections have to be tough.

Lastly, if there was a gap in the periodic assessment of the elevating platforms, then equipment owners have to contact the inspectors to ensure their MEWPs are operating at their best.

Being on track with regular and yearly examinations

The typical examination schedule will depend on how frequent and rigorous the use of the MEWPs is considering the workplace conditions. Equipment owners can expect evaluators checking their elevating platforms every couple of months if needed. The minimum is to have an inspection at least once a year. Regular inspections that the equipment manufacturers recommend are also important, apart from the official ones.

Raising the bar for improved annual assessment

Equipment owners can expect yearly inspections after the first five years of regular use. The assessment and testing schedule of the MEWPs will ultimately depend on the operational record and projected future use, plus the working condition of their parts.

Going through these inspections may be tough, but it is something equipment owners have to get used to. These aren’t only for the maintenance of the equipment, but for everyone’s safety as well.