Melbourne Living: Why You’d Fall in Love with It

Fall In Love with MelbourneThere’s no better city in the world than Melbourne. The Victorian capital has been crowned as the most liveable place to live in the entire world for at least two times. It has it all: a thriving economy, lively food and shopping districts, vibrant nightlife, advanced infrastructure, excellent healthcare, clean environment. Practically every corner of the metropolis is a work of art, and its fetish culture is hale and hearty.

Other Australian capitals, such as Perth and Adelaide, are some of the most livable as well, by world standards; but everything is so much better in Melbourne is should drop the name The Second City.
Be it in the city or its outskirts, you’re sure to experience the most ideal living conditions on the planet. Modeina shares more information below:

Seriously Affordable

While getting your own house or apartment in the heart of Melbourne is relatively costly, it’s an entirely different story several kilometres outside the metro. The prices of real estate in Taylors Hill, Milgrove Coolaroo and other outer suburbs continue to head south.

This downward trend doesn’t mean, however, that life out there isn’t attractive—it’s the opposite. Developers have never been busy building lovely communities in many of the most untouched pieces of land in the state to address Melbourne’s ever-growing population.

Musically Inspired

Even if the New South Wales premier city is home to the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, Melbourne is the mecca for live performers. It hosts more music venues than any other city on earth. As a matter of fact, its street names are musical (check: ACDC Lane), and it has more or less 50 vinyl record bars that sell every imaginable genre.

Culturally Diverse

Much has been said about Melbourne immense cultural diversity, but it’s always worth mentioning again. With thousands of residents coming from about 150 countries, the United Nations might as well transfer its headquarters in this city.

There’s nothing not to love about Melbourne. Whether you’re an Australian or a foreigner, this city always has a place for you.