Thinking the Digging: 2 Principles that Orbit the Mining Industry

Mining IndustryToday, the mining industry is one of the mainstay businesses of the Australian economy. Many regions of the country are rich in minerals and are just ripe for the digging. But aside from just blasting the rocks, digging the earth and hauling the goodies back to the processing plants, there are exist two great principles or responsibilities that really govern the practice of mining both in the operational and strategic levels.

So if you are a miner, a mining gang boss or a mining company owner, here’s is a quick review and a good heads up on your responsibility both to the men and the earth.


It is a known fact that the precious Earth metals are getting scarcer by the year. Some are none renewable. And with the pace the industrial machine if working, it can be said that people are mining it faster than the Earth can replenish. So, like all agriculture and industry, the question of sustainability stands.

Most mining companies should be aware of responsible mining practices that ensure sustainability. For mining companies, both the juggernauts and the up-and-coming groups, should cooperate to develop new technologies that can increase the number of economically viable minerals.

Aside from mining new metals, implementing environment-saving policies to reduce pollution should also be a concern. Investing in these means that future generations (future of the company even) will still have minerals and ore to dig in the ground for the decades to come – not to mention a habitable Earth to live in.


On the other hand, comes mining groups’ responsibility to its workers to keep them safe. Gold digging (no, really), and other mineral digging are not without their inherent dangers. Mining has many occupational hazards ranging from rock falls or cave-ins, machinery and equipment accidents, to even radiation exposure (if digging for radioactive materials).

As a man in the industry, you have to ensure the workers’ safety. This include putting into practice safety and accident prevention policies such as reminders to keep their personal protective equipment (PPEs) on on-site, conducting regular safety seminars and training for employees new and old to even issuing your people with a Take 5 booklet. Remember to keep the men safe at all times. Experienced miners are your investment.

Looking back, all mining companies or groups have both environmental sustainability and personnel safety as their responsibilities. It ensures operational efficiency and sustainability not only for the year, but for those to come.