No Hits and Misses: Professionals vs. DIY in Building a Granny Flat

Granny FlatIt is easy to get caught in the hype of granny flats, especially with many Australian investors taking the plunge. However, like most investment properties, stacking up your advantages can never be underscored too much.

Though you may be tempted to go about a small real estate business venture on your own (after all, with tons of articles on real estate investing online, information is available to you in no time), getting experienced professionals to help is still a wise decision.

These experienced professionals will advice you on the following:

Design Matters

One of the key decisions that you have to make is which design scheme is best for your granny flat.

While you may easily overcome by the range of granny flat designs you see on the Internet, having the expert design capabilities of a local expert could be the better choice. They can advice on the most suitable design depending on the location, dimensions, and other architectural aspects.

Yes, having a local expert look into it can give you valuable information about what works best in your area. This is a nugget of wisdom that you cannot get even with the most powerful search engine by your side.

In addition to that, professionals can help you get to know what features will attract the right customer.

Nailing It

Note that councils differ from city to city. What may be applicable in Sydney could be a no-no in Perth. Be a responsible owner and iron all details out with the local government to avoid trouble.

Your work could go down the drain if the authorities find out you have broken a zoning law or other policies related to real estate. While local councils have eased up a lot on the building of granny flats in Australia, still, following rules and regulations is important to avoid problems down the road.

Doing the DIY route may seem practical and affordable, but the truth is that it can set you up for failure in the future. Hiring the pros will always be the wise decision.