Interesting Facts about Modular Homes

Modular HomesWhat is Modular Home? This may be the first time you ever heard about modular homes, but it is the next big thing in home industry. Modular homes are built in the factory and the sections are then transported and assembled on the site, and it acquired its name from its parts being self-contained ‘modules’. This allows additional modules to be added to the others.

Considered as a cost-effective and safe way to build a house, it has gain popularity thanks to technologies that allows customisation for homeowners.  It is also known as pre-fabricated or factory built homes.

Facts about Modular Homes

  • Modular home is similar to mobile homes, Manor Homes explains, with the distinction that it cannot transfer from one place to another. Just like any construction of buildings, modular homes need to comply with building codes and regulations.
  • It can be built in matter of weeks as opposed to ordinary home construction, where it would take months or even years to finish, depending on the size.
  • Modular homes do not depreciate in value and has the same property value as ordinary homes.
  • This type of home is considered as real property, therefore taxes are the same as conventional homes. However, this also means that you can apply for home loans when you want to purchase a modular home.
  • Builders of modular homes can cater to different designs but try to keep the designs as simple as possible if you wish to build it quickly. Complex designs are actually achievable, but it defeats the main purpose of availing modular homes, which is to save on cost.
  • With this type of construction, you need to pay special attention to the foundation since you cannot make changes on the structure like an ordinary home construction. The foundation needs to be a perfect square, and free from any tree branches.
  • Not all modular homes for sale are equal in quality, thus you need to exert effort in finding the good ones. Do some research and ask opinions from other owners who are familiar with this type of work.

Modular home is another good alternative for homeowners who wish to save on construction time and cost. It may not be as flexible as the conventional ones, but it is a sure investment for the future.