Bathroom Renovation: Making it Safe for the Elderly

It’s no secret that the bathroom, of all places, is widely considered as the most dangerous area of the house. More than a third of all household injuries happen in the bathroom, especially around the shower and toilet, and the likelihood of this increases as you get older.

If you or your parents are getting older, it may be time to renovate your bathroom and make it safer for them. Below are some of the ways you can do this:

Better Bathtubs

Bathtubs are very dangerous for the elderly. Not only are they extremely slippery, but the elders have to actually climb into them to get in, which gets more difficult as you get older. says that a walk-in tub is a safer option, explaining that they are ‘specifically designed to allow you to enter without having to climb in.’

These walk-in tubs also have a non-slip surface and built-in safety grab bars for added safety and convenience. Additionally, these tubs are relatively small, almost half the size of a regular bathtub, which makes them the ideal choice if your bathroom has limited space.

Grab on and Hold on

You’ll tend to lose your sense of balance as you get older, and this is dangerous with the bathroom’s wet and slippery floors. Unfortunately, the towel rack isn’t exactly designed to be held on to and more often than not, it’ll snap off the wall if someone tries to grab it to stay in balance.

Installing grab bars outside the shower and near the bathtub eliminates this risk. These should be bolted down and reinforced, and also contrast with the walls so that you can easily see them.

Raising the Throne

Sitting is equally difficult when you get older, and this makes sitting on the toilet as equally dangerous as a slip or fall. Reducing toilet related accidents is relatively simple though; all you need to do is raise the toilet seat. It’s also a good idea to install grab bars around or on the toilet itself to make sitting and getting up easier.

If it’s about time to renovate your bathroom, consider these safety tips to make it more elderly friendly. Even if you don’t have seniors in the household, these are essential safety features every bathroom needs to have.