Smart Decorating: Mirrors in Small Spaces

Wall Mirror Designs in IndianaA well-placed mirror could expand walls, bring in more light and break up visual clutter. It could make a room look cleaner, a bathroom bigger and even turn a cramped studio apartment into a spacious and stylish space ideal for living.

How, you ask? The first step to transforming your crowded and cluttered pad into a haven of light is to get quality mirrors from and other retailers. Then you have to look through these steps and consider which you can apply to your own space:

Behind a Light Source

Mirrors amplify light. If your house is decked with candles and lamps, place a mirror behind one of these light sources. The mirror will help maximize the light’s reach, instantly giving off the illusion of a bigger space while creating an almost magical effect.

Beside a Window

Not a fan of candles and lamps? Place the mirror beside a window instead. This creates the illusion of another window, hence another source of light and openness. Or consider putting a mirror right across a window, so the reflection maximizes the effect of natural light and outdoor views.

Group Mirrors Together

If putting mirrors beside or right across the windows is too much for you, pick small pieces and group them together in one of your blank walls. You can choose mirrors in similar shapes and varying sizes, or mirrors in varying shapes but in similar sizes.

Go Floor-Length

Of course, you can also avoid all the hassle that comes with placing so many mirrors together by going with a floor-length mirror instead. The key to using a huge mirror as this in tight spaces is placing or hanging it behind a piece of furniture of about the same width or size, such as a sofa or a bed.

This will make your large pieces of furniture look right at home while expanding the feel of the room. The brilliant effect of mirrors only take place when they are well-placed. Don’t just hang it where you feel and place it where it will show off its most light.