More Volunteers, Greater Singapore

VolunteersBeing the center of attraction maybe a blessing especially in world commerce but it could come with a stiff price to pay. As one of the most admired cities in the world, Singapore is a distinctively an Asian success story. However, its prominence as a global financial hub could make it a prized target for terror threats.

Volunteering opportunities could be the best way to help the Lion City in protecting its shores from all the chaos. When hearts are open, more hands could propel Singapore to greater heights.

An Exalted Nation

Had land area been the only category to choose which nation would be most powerful, Singapore would certainly rank low. Not only is the island-city less in size than the whole of Los Angeles City, it’s also smaller than Sydney, but with a population slightly more than Australia’s most famous city.

In spite of its diminutive size, Singapore is considered one of the most powerful cities in the world, eclipsed only by long-established mega-cities like New York and London. This is why many high-rollers have sought the small nation as a favoured spot to live and invest.

However, the small island-nation has to face the constant threat of terrorism, especially now that neighbouring cities like Jakarta have fallen prey to such barbaric methods.

Pitching In

Volunteering opportunities help lessen such a danger. By giving your services freely, you set a good example for everyone your age to follow. Most importantly, these opportunities make sure Singapore is not left without personnel to man various key posts, military and otherwise.

What’s more, you will be asked to go through rigid training. On your end, this helps you sharpen your skills both in leadership and in relating to other people. Additionally, you get to widen your circle of influence as new friends come your way through the program.

In the end, you get to expand your world while making sure Singapore is safe for everyone to live in.