The Many Uses of Polyethylene Film

Plastic FilmMore and more companies are starting to appreciate the versatility of polyethylene film, as it can serve as a packaging for several products at a minimal cost.

The material is a lightweight yet strong packaging that can be used for food and other products that have to be shipped. It was initially discovered in the year 1933 and was first industrially used by Reginald Gibson and Eric Fawcett. Since the discovery of polyethylene, it has been transformed into poly film that has many uses including the following:

  • Security bagsYou can use polyethylene film to keep cash and other valuables. They usually come in specialized seals that provide security to your items. This may also come as opaque or clear depending on the users’ needs and preference.
  • Sturdy bags – These types of bags can carry wood chips or even chemicals. These are made with much protection and strength. These usually come with a UV protection feature. These can also withstand extreme conditions and temperature.
  • Landfill covers – Believe it or not, poly films can also serve as landfill covers. Some can even last for at least four years.
  • Shipping envelopes – These refer to the ones used to ship apparel, goods, or other products. These are known for their strength and tamper protection. Since the material is light, shippers can cut the shipping costs.
  • Cargo coverings – Poly film also served as a good material to protect your cargo or even your car. It can also last for a long time if you will invest in a good quality brand.

These are just some of the practical uses of polyethylene film. Given its versatility, you can certainly benefit from it, especially if you need to protect an item or two inside your home. It is also very useful for industrial purposes that most manufacturers or business owners are aware of.