Equine Nutrition Engine Finally Discloses the Horse Feed Conundrum

Horse Feeding ConundrumsLike the tonnes of feeds and conditioners for chickens and the different type of grains for pigs, horses also have their own set of confusion when it comes to what should they eat.

Whether for performance reasons or for food product quality, Taknini Feeds suggest that the quality food is still a matter of quality be it for animals or humans.

However, the outlying concern is that there’s about a thousand of guesswork around the world on the proper equine nutrition. While some do yield results, there’s yet to be standard formula or say, a standard caloric intake that a horse should have to race in prime condition or for meat quality; until technology weighed in.

A Nutrition Service for Horses

Just barely a week ago, a free digital resource about equine nutrition and record keeping was launched to help owners keep their horses in prime condition. The Britain-based technology can be accessed on the My Spillers Record website, which provides metrics concerning different aspects of horse health such as the following:

  • Desired weight
  • Feeding routine schedules
  • Nutrition advice
  • Health and performance monitoring

Apart from being simply a resource the web-based technology also offers practical nutrition services the horse owners share with each other.

Integrated Features

According to Horse Talk, a lot of new technologies are present in the website. “Weight management can be tracked easily by uploading results from regular weight sessions using Spillers BCI calculator and Body Condition Scoring tool, and results can be shared with a nutrition advisor to help guide diet plans with efficiency and accuracy.” There’s a calculator that can tell exactly how much food a horse should take for balanced diet—in the same way as people keep track of their health.

Hopefully, with this equine-first technology, owners will be able to take care of their horses better and make correct and informed choices regarding their well-being.