Behavior Issues: Alzheimer’s Disease and Repetition

Memory Care Experts in OgdenIt is common for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to say or do something over and over again. Sufferers usually repeat a word, question, or actions because of poor memory. They usually do this to establish familiarity and create comfort and security. While this behavior is not that harmful, it can be frustrating and stressful for family members and caregivers.

Recording and Storing Memory

It is important to note that poor memory caused by brain disease is something the sufferers cannot help. This is due to the physical changes or damages in the brain, especially in the parts that record and store information. This is the reason they cannot hold or keep the memory of what they’ve done, said, or asked. This also includes the response they have recently heard.

The Cause of Behavioral Symptoms

Deterioration of brain cells is the cause of behavioral symptoms in memory problems. This is responsible for the decline of the person’s ability to make sense. In the issue of repetition, they usually display the behavior when they cannot remember what they’ve been told or forgot that they just completed a task. One common action is taking clothes out of a dresser, refolding them, and taking them out again several times.

Losing Ability to Communicate

The disease can make people lose their ability to communicate gradually, so it is best to monitor their needs. Memory care experts in Ogden suggest using memory aids to help them find a way of recording the information they usually ask for. A diary or notebook may help, or a visual reminder like a clock for those who always ask about time.

Fascinating Stories about the Past

While some people may repeat phrases and actions annoyingly, there are also those with great stories to tell. It is possible to learn from them about the way things were in the past. When they repeat stories over and over again, caregivers and loved ones can be aware of the things or memories important for the sufferer.

Short-term memory is reason people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease repeat questions or actions. It is essential to know the needs and feelings behind the repetition to respond effectively.