Keep Your Office Open While Construction is Happening

Office ConstructionKeeping your office open for business, while having a part of it remodelled or added means there are adjustments you need to make. The noise, dust and dirt, construction crew, added risks and many other concerns at site should alert you to the need for proper preparations.

Here are some suggestions to avoid making your working life — and the life of your employees — miserable during the construction:

Keep the site off-limits

There are real risks at a construction site and only trained personnel should have permission to enter it. Put up signs all around the site to warn people from trying to pass through or enter. To make it more secure, Superfence recommends looking for temporary fencing hire during the duration of the construction.

Mind the dust

There will be dust. If you think it’s something you can live with, think again. Construction dust is overwhelming if it enters your work area. It can make its way through the ducts and the next thing you know, it’s everywhere — on the floor, worktables, and chairs. To prevent this from happening, make sure there are filters installed on the ducts at and near the construction site. Install zip-up plastic barriers around the site to contain the dust. Have the contractor use dust collectors all around the site, as well.

Do something about the noise

Even if you’re successful at limiting the dust, you may still have problems with the noise coming from the construction site. To reduce the sound that enters your work area, have the contractor install temporary walls around the site. If you must, move your work areas to any space farthest from the construction. You and your employees may have to share some areas for the meantime if there are not enough rooms to transfer to.

Construction is noisy and dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop your operations at the office. Follow these suggestions to make work possible even while construction is ongoing.