Advice on Holding a Seminar: What Your Brand May Gain

A seminar being held One of the best ways to build your authority among investors, business partners and customers is by organising a seminar. The seminar does not have to be about your brand or products; you can sponsor and organise a seminar that gives customers value.

For example, your event can be about starting a small business, becoming a better employee, improving your chances of getting hired or any other interesting topics.

What’s in it for you?

Of course, you would like to do something for your business too when you hold a seminar. This is possibly through marketing activities geared towards giving your brand more exposure during the event. It may not be easily quantifiable, but the mileage you may gain from holding a seminar is sure to have a positive effect on your image and authority.

How to use marketing during seminars

There are several ways to give your brand or products more exposure during a seminar. Create posters and banners advertising the seminar and include your branding on these materials. The venue itself should also be decorated with your materials.

Set up a stall where you can sell your products, if possible. Position it close to the entrance and exit. The host should mention your brand as the organiser or primary sponsor of the seminar.

Give away some freebies

People like loot bags. They appreciate the free information and knowledge they may gain from the seminar, but giving away some freebies is a good way to encourage people to attend. Loot bags may contain some samples of your products. The bag itself should display your brand or logo. What matters is your brand gets exposure out of the freebies.

If you are giving away wines as tokens of appreciation, the bottles should make a statement. Allow a reputable printing company to design your special wine bottle labels. Abacus Printing suggests that you distribute these freebies to special guests, business partners, resource persons or speakers and VIPs. You can also give the first 20 attendees these special gifts, and the rest something simpler but still remarkable.

With these tips, your seminar will have a bigger chance of becoming a hit. The attendees will remember the event and your brand for a long time and perhaps even judge other seminars against yours.