3 Lucrative Handyman Jobs You Can Do on the Side

A handyman at work If you have some neat handyman skills and a lot of successful DIY projects to boost, you can turn that past time into a part-time or even full-time high-paying handyman job. Here are some of the most lucrative handyman jobs you can check out.

1. Welding Jobs

Based on the figures compiled by the Economic Modeling Services International, here are the ten states in the U.S. that offer the top-paying wages for welders: Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, Nevada, Mexico, Maryland, California and Delaware. In Alaska alone, the medium hourly wage for welders is $33.97. The top 10% of welders in Alaska earn $43.83 an hour.

There is a wide variety of welding jobs you can do on the side from metal works to fences. If you want to start a career in welding, Herrick Industrial Supply and other experts say that you can buy your welding tools — locally or even through online stores — to get started.

2. Electrician Jobs

A significant number of residential and commercial properties are being built every year and you know what they need? Electricians. If you only have basic knowledge, you might as well undergo professional training to acquire a license and become a certified electrician. According to figures, Alaska is the top-paying state in the U.S. for electrician jobs with an hourly wage of about $26.21.

3. Transportation Inspectors

If you’re detailed-oriented and quite handy with cars, you can become a transportation inspector for trucking companies. Based on figures, the average annual income of transportation inspectors in the U.S. is $66,470 while the top ten percent of the professionals in the field earn an average of $111,780.

Don’t limit your handyman skills to homemaker projects and some DIY works. Turn it into a profitable second job or even a full-time one. Consider these top-paying handyman jobs if you want to earn extra cash on the side.