Luxurious Packaging: The Promise Of a Premium Lifestyle

Cans of Soda Luxurious packaging is style that does not scream for attention. It should be sensuous, but it must explicitly say, ‘Only the best can have me.’ If you are ready for your brand to say this, read on.

With today’s technological advances, aesthetics of packaging materials have reached a new level. Packaging can be made of plastic that look like paper or leather or have a stimulating scent or even a tactile dimension.

Resin doming can be used for a luxurious look. The Italian edition of the cookbook series Gourmet Pilgrim has a ribbon fastened with a seal that looks like molten gold, which is made of resin. The cookbook also comes in a collectable biscotti tin that looks like silver and has an intricate embossed design.

It’s not just a case of slap-dashing effects on packaging. You need to consider which effects will most enhance your product.


The consumer’s first interaction with your product is seeing it. Engage the eyes with a modern, sleek minimalistic look, or opt for period-inspired designs, but show restraint. Too much Fleur de Lys and your product might lose its premium lustre.

Aromatically drawn

Consumers do not want to know what the factory, where the packaging was made, smells like. Incorporate pleasant scents onto your packaging that says, ‘I am clean and exclusive.’ You can go for fougère for men’s products, chypre for unisex products, and amber for women’s products. Be careful with using floral scents as they can have connotations inappropriate for your brand.


You have already intrigued the consumers with a captivating packaging, and you have stimulated their senses with a pleasant or familiar aroma, now you have to delay gratification to heighten the consumers’ anticipation of what is inside the packaging. You can use pop-up constructions, pull tabs, or many layers of packaging.

Do not be afraid to stand out and seem inaccessible to others. Remember, you are selling luxury, you are selling a lifestyle that cannot be easily obtained.