Skateboarding – Building Your Half Pipe

A Skateboarder Doing Tricks

Half pipes are used in many sports including skateboarding. It looks like a swimming pools cross section. Two concave ramps look like a U and this shape is important as the flat bottom gives the skater enough time to recover and prepare for the next move.

The interesting thing is that skateboard half pipes can be installed anywhere – for practice or even to host events.  In fact, many events are now being held with the half pipe taking center stage.

Building your very own Skateboard half pipe

There are several companies which offer blueprints, instructions and materials on how to build a half pipe and install it in your backyard.  Kits containing all the information for skateboard half pipes of all sizes – 5, 8, 12 and 16 foot wide are available. One important feature to keep in mind is that the middle has to be flat so that you have time to set yourself up to turn and then perform the next trick.

Most charts included in preordered kits will show every section in detail, how to assemble, what tools to use and how to measure not just the ramp but also the space needed to set up the ramp.

Some of the tools required to build and install a half pipe are:

  • At least 2-meter saws for wood and metal
  • Electric drills (cordless if available)
  • Table saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Clamps and chalk

Materials needed would include some ¼ inch plywood and a lot of shorter wood lengths like 2×4 and 2×3, steel tubing, screws and some music to make the job easier.

Installation can be challenging if you’re doing it alone. Also, pay attention the slope of the ramp. It cannot be corrected easily later. If you are buying a pre-cut and assembled kit, all the materials are already included.

Following the guidelines will help with building and setting up a ramp quickly. Hours of fun are close at hand.