Instances When You Must Visit a Dentist Immediately

Dentist smiling with the patient at the backNot many people like visiting the dentist.  However, the services of a dentist can save you from a painful experience and can improve the quality of your life. While that annual visit may suffice, there are instances when you must see your dentist. Payson, Utah’s dental clinics present five of those situations.

If you have bleeding or swollen gums

A bleeding or swollen gum is a sign of an infection. If these symptoms do not go away in a few days, you must see a dentist. These symptoms can be attributed to a periodontal disease,  commonly referred to as gum disease. Although gum disease is not a big deal, it could result in a more severe disease called periodontitis if not treated.  Periodontitis results in painful and pronounced swelling and bleeding, which eventually leads to tooth loss.

If you lose one or several teeth in an accident

If your teeth are accidentally knocked off, there is a likelihood of gum or jaw injury. Tissue injury can lead to infections. Tooth stumps left behind can be painful and make it difficult to chew.  Gaps left behind can affect the shape of the jawbone over time. It could also lead to irreversible changes in your facial structure. In infants, premature loss of a milk tooth can lead to crowding when their permanent teeth finally emerge.

If you experience tooth pain

Tooth pain may be caused by an infection of the tooth nerve, tooth decay or infection of the gum.  A dentist can be able to determine the cause and offer a lasting solution.

If you are self-conscious as a result of a dental problem

Studies show that a damaged smile can affect people’s confidence and success in life. While some people may get used to it, it is not easy to display crowded, crooked, or stained teeth. If such a condition makes you self-conscious, seek professional help. In Payson, find a dentist who can help you with your orthodontic needs.

If you have uncomfortable dentures

If your dentures become loose, they may be prone to falling off or they may be uncomfortable to wear. In some cases, they may even cause soreness of gum. In such a situation, you must visit a dentist.

Most people tend to wait when they have a dental issue until there is pain or discomfort. Delaying treatment can complicate the problem and can increase your chances of developing a more severe problem.