Hi-Vis Clothing: Safety Tips You Can Use All the Time

A Man Wearing Hi-Vis ClothingDifferent types of jobs have different types of uniforms that are designed to be conducive to work and, hopefully, help increase worker productivity efficiency. In a way, high-visibility (hi-vis) clothing serves as a uniform for different types of professionals.

Hi-vis workwear can easily be bought online or from a manufacturer and is mostly worn by people who work in hazardous and dark places (i.e. policemen, firemen, construction workers, and miners). Hi-vis workwear is a must for certain types of job to protect individuals and prevent accidents. It is, therefore, important to take good care and maintain your hi-vis clothing.

Choosing your Hi-Vis Clothing 

Find the right fit

Hi-vis clothing is worn outside and one might be tempted to compromise the importance of having the right fit. Do not even think about it. If the uniform is too tight, then it would make it uncomfortable for you to work. If it is too loose then you risk sleeves or part of your clothing getting caught in machines.

Choose the right material

3ssafety.co.nz stresses that different fields of work require hi-vis workwear. The right cloth or material is essential to help you carry out the job well. A fireman should have fireproof hi-vis clothing while a traffic enforcer can opt for a regular one. Find out what your job requires you to have.

Read the washing label

Hi-vis clothing is made of materials different from normal clothing. It is important to check the labels properly and follow washing instructions to prolong its lifespan.

Know when to let go

As much as you want your hi-vis workwear to be with you throughout your career, you need to let it go at one point. Once your hi-vis clothing is not able to serve its function (i.e. make you visible), then you should change it immediately.

Make your hi-vis clothing last longer by taking good care of it. You will never know when this piece of clothing will save you from a deadly accident.