5 Steps to Convince Your Child that School is Cool

Children going inside the school busFor some children, change is frightening, especially if it is going to take them away from their comfort zone. That’s how they perceive going to school for the first time. If you are having a hard time convincing your child that school is cool and that he or she is at the right age to start schooling, this guide might help you.

Have a heart-to-heart talk about school

Never undermine a child’s capability to understand what you have to say. As you cannot delay taking your child to school, you should prepare him or her early by explaining what schooling is all about.

Simulate a school environment at home

After talking to your child, simulate school in a period of playtime at home. That said, prepare some activities that are similar to the ones offered in a preschool in Kearns. Make the experience fun and interesting. If you can, invite your child’s playmates. You can have story-telling sessions, coloring, counting, and writing activities, among others.

Enroll your child in a summer class

In preparation for the coming school year, you may enroll your child in a summer class, so he or she can learn more about schooling. While you can simulate the school activities at home, you cannot do so when it comes to the feel. For many children, the frightening part about school is being left alone in the company of strangers. This is what you will try to work on next.

Give your child a time for getting used to

Prior to the opening of school year, establish your child’s routine incorporating school. Make him or her wake up a specific time each day to prepare for school and separate a time to work on related projects.

Be there for your child

Your presence is the best assurance for your child that school is no unknown jungle. Take time off from work to bring your child to school and perhaps stay on for the duration of the class. It will only take a few hours. This is especially crucial during the first few weeks.

Some kids are just not too optimistic about going to school, mostly because it is an entirely new environment. Young children are afraid of changes. But with these steps, you can convince your child to move on to the next chapter of his or her life.