3 Signs Your Building Requires Roof Repair

Beams of an unfinished roof

You do not necessarily need to climb up your roof to see if it needs repair. Other sections in your building could be showing signs that a quick fix is necessary. By recognizing these signs, you will prevent a small problem from becoming an expensive roof replacement project.

Moisture Problems

If your roof is no longer watertight, moisture can infiltrate the building and cause a variety of problems. You may find water stains on the ceiling, high humidity levels in the building, visible mold on the walls, and an increase in rodent and insect problems in your establishment.

Clogged Roof Drains

During heavy downpours, always pay attention to the exterior downspouts. If you cannot see a particular amount of water close or equal to what is landing on the roof, then you may have clogged drains. Collins Roofing Inc says these indicate that you need immediate commercial roof repair. If left unattended, interior drains and scuppers will allow water to start ponding and cause damages to your building in Salt Lake City.


This sign is only visible at the top of the roof. Most of the bubbles result from the moisture building up under the top layer of the chemically adhered single ply roofing, or in built-up roofing. The number of bubbles visible on the surface is a clear indication of the time you have left. The more the bubbles on the rooftop, the sooner you should call for commercial roof repair services.

When it comes to roof repairs, time is of the essence. Other than giving your business an overall positive impression, your roof shows how stable and sturdy your building is. As such, address all your roofing repair and maintenance needs as soon as you notice the signs.