3 Tactics That Improve Your Brand Communication Strategy

A Team of PR SpecialistsDigital media provides several opportunities to communicate your brand’s message and value proposition. However, you still have to improve your strategies to reach your audience effectively and convert at a higher rate.

Many renowned PR companies from Melbourne and other parts of Victoria list the following tactics that boost your brand communication:

Need-Based Content

A study conducted by the Statistic Brain Research Institute revealed that the average attention span of people in 2015 is around 8.25 seconds and only 4% of those that read pages online last more than 10 minutes. This means that you need to grab the attention of visitors through relevant content, whether it is in the form of a blog post or videos. Your content strategy must concentrate on the needs and wants of your intended audience. Focus on your potential customers’ pain points and emotional triggers, doing so enables you to create a post they will likely read and share.

Authoritative Voice

In the over-abundance of brands in a single niche, you need to stand out and have your voice heard. To do this you need to appear reliable, likeable, and authentic. Social media and other technological platforms have made it easier for people to cross-reference information and claims. Once they find out you are outright lying or inauthentic, they are likely to choose a competitor and never return. This heightened awareness puts pressure on brands to deliver on their promises and the value proposition they made.

Brand Personas

Buyer personas are one of the oldest tricks in marketing books. Despite this, it’s still an effective strategy, whether your campaign is online or offline. Putting a ‘face’ on your campaigns and promotional materials makes your brand relatable. Doing so makes it easier for your audience to communicate and connect with your company.

These are a handful of strategies that improve your brand communication strategy. Implement these to gain a competitive advantage and convert better.