Innovation in Product Design and Plastics

Example of product packaging Plastics may be lighter and easier to produce than metal, but these are just some of the things that make plastics more preferable than the latter. If you are a company that wants to look into injection moulding for packaging in the UK, then this material may be more suitable for your brand.

Going From Metal to Plastic

Plastics, over many decades, have gone from figuring in jewellery and toys to military and aerospace applications. Its adaptation for numerous applications is due to its light weight and cost. Its lightness, however, no longer indicates its lack of strength.

Metal, in manufacturing, has been the preferred material for businesses that require strength and durability for their products. But technology has developed stronger plastics, enabling businesses to use the material as suitable replacement to metal to some products.

The reduction of production cost and improvement in performance give companies a viable alternative for manufacturing their products. Here are the benefits of today’s plastics:

  • Prolonged product life
  • Safety
  • Balance of properties
  • Weight reduction

Injection Moulding for Branding

When releasing a new product, one of the most important things to consider is the packaging. The more effective the design, the more people are likely to buy it. Plus, memorable designs provide better recall for customers, which could help your consumers make that split-second decision to get your products instead of the competitor’s items.

If you are looking for a branding solution that is effective and fast, then injection moulding may work for your purpose. The manufacturing process is ideal for products that require intricacy, accuracy and speed. Proper machines deliver a high level of design implementation and high precision for customised parts.

Light. Easy. High quality. With better technology for processing, plastics have become suitable options for most products. Whether your business needs a small batch of customised bottles for limited products or a heavy volume of small parts, you can rely on good quality plastics.