Binge Eating Disorder: More Than Just Eating “Too Much”

Woman Eating Too MuchJane Fonda and Paula Abdul are two celebrities who have opened up about their struggle with an eating disorder that involves binge eating. You might be wondering how they can be suffering from binge eating when they are not fat in the first place.

There is more to binge eating than just eating a lot and being fat. It's a treatable psychological condition if help for people suffering from binge eating disorder is sought at the right time. 

What is binge eating disorder? 

Binge eating disorder is like the opposite of anorexia and bulimia wherein the person affected eats frequently in huge amounts to the point of discomfort. After eating, the person feels powerless, ashamed, guilty, and distressed and would always vow to control their eating habits only to fall into the cycle once again. This kind of act is uncontrollable despite the person being aware that eating can cause negative consequences to their health and body. 

What are the symptoms of binge eating disorder? 

More than physical, binge eating is a mental disorder. This explains why Paula Abdul and Jane Fonda, despite being the average size or even “thin” still do suffer the condition. The most common symptom of binge eating disorder is eating in huge amounts in a specific period of time while having a feeling that your eating behavior is out of control. 

Eating even when you are full, or whenever you feel depressed are also common symptoms. Binge eaters usually eat alone or in secret and feel disgusted about themselves for eating too much. This would lead to the desire to go on a diet, but often without results.

Binge eating disorder is a condition that would go away by itself, nor is it something that can be dealt with alone. If you think you are suffering from binge eating disorder, or knows someone who is, seek help from your physician or psychologist immediately.