Singapore Outpaces Hong Kong in Internet Marketing

Laptop with the word While Singapore once lagged behind the rest of the world in terms of internet marketing, 2016 marked the year when internet marketing generated more revenue than their TV advertising efforts. Researchers even forecast that the growth of internet advertising will increase by 11.3% every year until 2021. The dynamic city-state is, in fact, outpacing its rivals in Hong Kong (HK) by being more internet-savvy and proactive in promoting their businesses online.

Hong Kong: Left in the Digital Dust HK has a reputation for digital prowess, but a new study by WL Media HK shows that HK businesses fall short of even the most basic digital marketing activities. HK-based businesses were less likely to claim their free Google My Business listing, for instance, which is a prerequisite for Google local search visibility. To take that idea further, over 7% of HK firms fail to register their phone numbers on Google, limiting click-to-dial functions on their mobile phones.

Meanwhile, only 1.2% of Singaporean companies are missing out on Google My Business listing benefits. Optimising the listings, in fact, give companies a significant advantage over slower-moving competitors.

Mass Consumption of Online Content and Social Media in Singapore

Singapore might be a smaller than HK, but it is making huge inroads in the digital marketplace. Digital advertising agencies like PurpleClick Media are taking advantage of the changing times by reminding their customers that internet marketing helps companies increase brand awareness and stay competitive in the industry.

While print advertising is still the leading advertisement segment, accounting for 44.5% of the overall advertising pie, there has been a tremendous increase in online content viewership. More and more Singaporeans are accessing social media on their smartphones, making the internet the future of advertising.

Maximising online presence is the best way to dominate search traffic and successfully advertise a brand. As Singapore takes advantage of both opportunities, it is no surprise that they have a competitive edge over HK in the digital field.